Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!!!!
Wow how the weeks of this transfer are flying by! It's been a great and HOT week :) Heat makes the people of Los Angeles a little crazier haha. Sister Lucas and I have begun naming the craziest/most unique people we talk to every day. Yesterday we met an escaped hospital patient, who said he looked like Freddy Kreuger. lololol The sights and adventures in LA, just get better and better! 

 Esta semana era maravillosa! We continue to meet the coolest people, we set two baptismal dates this week with a man named Cristian and a woman named Abolonia. It was awesome :) 
Jennifer finally had her baby!!!!!!!!!! And we got to see her and her new baby boy Aaron :) We didn't get to hold him but by just seeing him it made our life! We're not sure if we're gonna continue to teach her because of the question of where she is going to end up living, but we know wherever she goes she is going to be baptized! And we'll definitely stay in touch with her. On Sunday, Marta and Juan were confirmed official members of the church and now we're working on helping them get to the temple go do baptisms for the dead!!! They are just the cutest family. I love em a lot. We also had exchanges and I was able to see and be with my sweetest trainee, Sister Hibbard!!!! It was good to be with my wonderful comp again for a day, she's grown so much and she is doing so good in Hollywood with Sister Risenmay. Being companions with someone, you truly develop so much love for them because of the great and really hard experiences you have together! 

This week, we have our "meet the president" and President Weidman is going home. :( I'll admit, it'll be a little new but I'm excited to get to know our new mission president. I know there will be so many miracles as the summer continues!!!!!! 

I can't believe Giselle put in her mission papers. Ahhhhh I am so excited for her! I can't believe she is gonna be a missionary. It's the best thing in the world. Wherever she serves is where she needs to be. You come to know that's true the longer you're out and the more people you meet. I know mission calls are truly calls from the Lord! 

Well that's pretty much everything this week, the weather is getting hotter, the people are getting crazier but the work is moving forward :) Love you all so much!!!! Have a wondrous week!!!
Hermana Abreu 

Us with sisters Hibbard and Risenmay on exchanges

Us with our CUTE old man neighbor, Ali :) ​
Bowling fun! (We got to go bowling today for P-day!)

Jennifer's baby!!!

Us with baby Aaron!

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