Saturday, July 16, 2016

July Madness!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!! :)

Good week, good week!!! Filled with meetings and trainings!
On Tuesday we had an awesome first MLC with President and Sister Haynie! They have a lot of great things that they want to bring to the mission :) They talked a lot about helping our investigators understand the basics of prayer, scripture study and church and we looked in detail at the importance of keeping those commitments. President Weidman always said that if after your mission, you continue to keep those commitments, you will never fall away from the church and I know that's true for anyone. 
 Our investigator Cristian who is preparing to be baptized on July 17th is doing so well!!! He came to church and liked it a lot, and he is keeping all his commitments! YAY We also had a cool guy named Juan, come to church with a member in the ward (welp we actually found out that the "member" who brought him isn't actually baptized but has been coming to church for years) and he is wayyy cool! He is very intelligent and has the most sincere desire to receive answers from God that this is the true church. He comes to us with the most interesting questions but Sister Lucas and I have so much fun teaching him!!!
     These past couple of weeks, Sister Lucas and I have been working on having more effective exercises in the morning and our ward mission leader and his wife are like professional trainers basically haha and so one day this week we got up at 5am to work out and we've been feeling it ever since hahaha. Transfers aRE this coming week and we don't have a clue what's happening, I'm hoping I am staying but only God knows and that's okay with me :) Sister Lucas and I have had some pretty crazy experiences together, especially this past week we were chased by a homeless man and then two girls in a car chased us while we were in the car and threw a water bottle at our car but nothing new in LA. ;)
     This week I have gained a stronger testimony of how divine and inspired counsels are. Sister Lucas and I have had to help some of our investigators and missionaries to communicate with one another, with some problems they have had. To help them we read one of the talks by Elder  M. Russell Ballard about family counsels in the last general conference and he talks about how its vital to have counsels in order to have a happy home (happy companionship, roommate, spouse etc. Something he says really stood out to me, "No matter what our particular family situation is, it is critical that we understand the unique circumstances of each family member (roommate, comp etc)" I know if we're grounded on the gospel principles of charity, service, compassion, understanding etc. we are able to live happier lives and in our case happier and more fulfilling missions. That's something I have struggled with throughout my mission at times,  maybe not communicating as openly as I should with my comp but I know that when we humble ourselves the Lord is able to resolve our conflicts and concerns and change them into joyful times. I love you so much! I hope this helped at least one of you reading this. Have a miracle filled week!!
Hermana Abreu 

P.S. These are pictures from all our fun last P-day JULY 4th fun!!!! We went to a community fair and had great time!!!

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