Monday, February 1, 2016

Another "MILAGROSO" week!!

Holaaa! Love you!
Love you! Papi went to the DR? Niceee! I have actually had the DR on my mind lately because a family we eat dinner with like a few times a week, the Perez family, has a son named Dave who recently got home from his mission in the DR, so he has been telling us about his experiences and it makes me want to go so bad! I am glad that Papi is coming home, I know how that is hehe :)
Well this week has been another milagroso week!
This week we had an awesome missionary leadership meeting and Sister Moli and I gave a training about how we can use our technology more effectively to teach repentance and to baptize converts, based off of the broadcast we watched the week before. It was so cool! After the training, in interviews this week, President Weidman told Sister Moli and I about some really amazing miracles that have come as the leaders of the mission have applied the training. So coolllll! 
We also had the special privilege to go to the temple on Saturday! Sister Moli had some recent converts that she had taught in another ward and she had a huge part in their conversion, so we got special permission to go to be with them while the husband got his endowments, it was a Spanish session, my first time in Spanish! It was so awesome, and the session was packed. It was cool too, because I got to see a few of the old members in Bell Gardens and Torrance ward in the session so it was a sweet experience overall. :) 
On Sunday, the obra misional of the ward was in charge of the program for sacrament meeting and so they asked me and another Elder to speak and we also sang all together for the musical number "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go". It went well! I love speaking because I feel like its an awesome opportunity for us as missionaries to get the members pumped up about missionary work! 
This week one of the young women, Stephanie also got her mission call! It was super exciting, she opened it at the church, the memories came flooding back of when I opened my call, such a sweeeet experience :) She got called to serve in Mexico, she is so excited, she came out with us the other day to work and she had all these awesome questions about the mission. We are super happy for her! 
Cool experience yesterday: We actually were walking and we stopped a guy named David who talked to us and was super nice. We found out that he was from Peru and he wouldn't let us speak Spanish because he wanted to practice English. We ended up asking him for a return appointment, but he thought we meant right then. By that time it was probably like 8:30pm. So we ended up walking to the church and a member came and we had a lesson with him right then in there, in english! He was so super cool! It was so interesting because although he spoke Spanish we were trying to teach him and he was trying to understand in his broken english, it didn't really matter in the end, because the spirit was there and it was such a cool lesson! The spirit is the true converter. 
The work is moving and as the work continues to move, I know that the adversary is working harder and harder on those who are prepared! Always remember what is most important! ALWAYS read your scriptures and pray, I can promise you, you will never lose faith as you do so! I love you all! Que tengan una semana maravillosa!
Les quiero MUCHO!
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Abreu 
Dinner with the Santacruz family

--weird gross/kinda good dulce de patata :p
Goodbyes to Jennifer and Matthew

Hollywood sign view from our apt. 
Sister Moli=Tyra Banks


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