Monday, February 29, 2016

Another transfer!

Hi Mom!!! This week I wish I had more time but this one is going to be short.
I am getting transferred!!! From this wonderful area, with the best comp in the world hehe....but its okay! There are so many awesome experiences waiting for me in my new area!!!! I am going to an area pretty close to where I am in now which is good and I will get to do exchanges with Sister Moli pretty often. :) My new comp is going to be Sister Castillo and I will be finishing her training. We are going to be in the LA 3rd ward and I don't know too much about the area, but I will be filling you in as it goes by. :)
It is so weird how time is flying. This transfer has been one that I know I will continue to look back on, because it truly has been life changing. Everyone thinks that missionary work is hard, rigorous, full of rejection, heartache, homesickness, but that is what Satan wants us to see it as. Yes, there has been much of that on the mission... but being here with Sister Moli, working hard every single day, talking to everyone about Jesus Christ is the most joyous thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. I LOVE being a missionary. I love being able to testify of something that has changed my life to people that have never even heard of God. Everyday I am amazed at how many people there are in LA that have no idea how the Atonement can change them, uplift them, comfort them, heal them. Being able to see this happen is life changing. If there is one thing I have been reminded of this transfer is that missionary work is the greatest work on earth and its a work that is filled with hard moments, but most of all it is joyous. I have said it before, but its true. And we can feel like this all the time, when we live the gospel of Jesus Christ and when we share it! I am going to miss these people here a lot. But Heavenly Father has more of His children waiting for the gospel in another area. Hasta ver!!
p.s--- While we were teaching our 8 year old investigator April about the 10 commandments and follow the prophet, we pulled up a picture of Thomas S. Monson and when we showed it to her, she was like "Donald Trump?!" Yup. We died. Hahaha Have a fantabulous week!!! Love youuuu!!!!!! 
Hermana Abreu 
Hollywood Blvd.!!

Me and Sis. Moli and some returned missionaries in the ward!

Oh, and P.S.S. Totally saw the actor from Phil of the future at Chipotle. Sister Moli and I got some free coupons from a member and so we went today for fun but sunset blvd and sure enough there he was...only I would notice ahaha it was funny!

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