Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Stop drinkin soda, Yo!"

Hola!!! I love you all!! Sister Moli and I are praying real hard this week, because we have transfer calls this next week and we have had such an amazing transfer we can't even believe that it is coming to an end! We know that it is the Lord's will, but boy we would love to be together another transfer :)
 Had a busy, busy week but a great week! We had two back to back exchanges and an exchange at the end of the week, I loved getting to know the other sisters :) Sister Weaver, a visitors center sister came to our area with me and we had such a fun time! It was raining the whole day and although we got soaked, we still talked to everyone we saw in our path and it was so cool to see, despite the weather,people still stopped to talk to us. Rain or shine, the gospel has got to be preached!! Sister Weaver LOVED being with the members and the vibe of the spanish area and I realized how blessed I feel to be in a spanish area and to be in this ward, the members are amazing! For lunch the day we exchanged back, we had delicious mole negro and Mexican coca-cola (apparently so much better) ,with our ward mission leader, Hno Garcia, and his wife. It was the best, they are the kindest most service-oriented family I have ever met. Right after that, we got to have another exchange for the day and I got to be with another sister from the VC, Sister Fehrenbach and it was amazing the people that we met as we went contacting. We met this really cute 93-year old woman who was walking and she started telling us about her neighbor who had advised her to stop drinking soda, "Stop drinking soda, Yo!", she said. Apparently, her name is Yoshi and people call her Yo. We ended up talking with her for a good 15 minutes and she was just the sweetest old woman who had some cool experiences to share with us but really the main reason she stopped us was because she wanted to advise us to stop drinking soda, only water... so that we can live as long as her hahaha I felt that that message was probably for me hehe :) Sister Fehrenbach and I were able to teach some people in their area and have some cool miracles. We also met a guy sitting in his truck, and as we went over to talk to him, he had a Finding faith in Christ pass-along card in the dashboard of his car and when we asked about it, he said that he had found it in an old apartment that he was working at and has kept in his car ever since, we were able to refer him to some other missionaries , it was so cool! 
 Sister Moli and I have really been trying to fortify these people that we're working with and help them reach baptism for March. We had 5 investigators at church this Sunday!! And most of them were Young Women. Kaidy and April are two of the girls that we are working with and they are so sweet and so smart! When we asked April (who's 8) what she remembered about Joseph Smith she basically replayed the First Vision to us, in child's vocab. I truly understand why Christ taught us to be as little children, meek, humble and submissive! They just absorb everything we teach them! When we first taught them, I asked Kaidy how she would feel if all of her family were all together forever after we died and I had my hands clasped together, and she said "I would feel....squished...."Hahaha we all died of laughter :)
The work is moving forward and the Lord is putting these prepared people in our path as we talk to them! I will keep all of you in my prayers, especially this week! I love you all sooo muchhh!!!!! Keep reading in the Book of Mormon every day<3 
-Hermana Abreu 

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