Monday, January 25, 2016

One of the greatest weeks on my mission!

Hey Mom and Pops and Ringa and Giselle (I decided to send it to you all!)
Looks like this last week, NC decided to snow on ya. Haha, that is awesome! So typical of NC. It looked like it was a hoot! I loved all the pictures, thanks for sending them. 
This week has been truly amazing!!! My new area is wonderful! We live right in Hollywood. Our street is right off of Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. I love it so much! There literally are people everywhere. Every single day is an adventure, haha
Me and my new companion Sister Moli!!!
My companion, Sister Moli is the best!!!! She is Tongan and she is from West Valley, Utah! We have so much fun together and we are seeing so many amazing miracles. When I got here, they had just had a baptism on Sunday and the Sunday before that, and now our recent converts have referrals for us, they are inviting their friends and family to learn about the gospel! Its so wonderful! Literally everyone wants us to teach their brother, mother or wife etc. It is honestly so amazing. I am getting to know our new area, it is huge! We do tend to stay around the same areas though, because they get to be pretty far. 
We just started teaching one of our recent converts granddaughters who are 11 and 10, and they are the sweetest. They went to their grandpa's baptism and loved it and they love church so now they want to be baptized! We also are teaching some other cool people and we have found a lot of new investigators. 
 Something really amazing that happened this week we were able to watch the special missionary broadcast that was shown to alllllllll the missionaries all over the world, about 75,000 of them. It was such an uplifting conference. We were able to hear from Neil L. Andersen, Dallin H. Oaks and other members of the seventy, they taught about how us as missionaries need to teach repentance and baptize converts. I learned so much!!! 
We are in the LA Cuarto ward, I love it!!!! I have only been here a week and they are so welcoming! They are so kind and friendly. Its funny because surprisingly they all remember my name because almost everyone I talk to say " Hna. Abreu???Hay un futbolista que se llama Abreu jajaja!!!!" ABREUUUUUU haha. My first Sunday Hno. Garcia, our ward mission leader and another Hno. started shuffling down the hallway at church as we were walking and chanted "Abreuuu, Abreuuu Abre- Abreuuu" Apparently this futbolista is the talk of the town in the LA 4th ward lol!!!
**Funny little chisme: the English ward that meets in the same building is the Hollywood ward and apparently a while back David Archuleta came to sing in that ward about a year ago....who knows.....hahahaha
Truly I am so excited for another week full of miracles. We have a missionary leadership training this week and Sister Moli and I are giving a mini training and we are so stoked! Something I wanted to share with you this week is something I heard in the broadcast from Elder Neil L. Andersen that I really loved, he spoke about how we must always keep the Savior's name on our lips, as missionaries we should always testify of Jesus Christ. When in doubt, testify. I was thinking about how we as members should always keep the Savior's name on our lips and no matter what or when we should always be prepared to testify and to defend Him. With all that's happening in the world today and being a missionary in the midst of it all, sometimes its a little tough but I know that our testimonies and our conviction of the Savior is contagious and as we share it, many will look to us a source of light, our friends, family etc. I love the Savior, as I have been studying in the New Testament last transfer and this transfer, my testimony of Him and His power has grown immensely. I love you so much! And I hope that your week is filled with light and soooo much JOY! LOVE YOUUUUU family SO MUCH talk to you soon :)
p.s sorry that this email was all over the place just so much that happened and more pics to come next week!
Love always, 
Hermana Abreu 

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