Monday, January 11, 2016

Guess what? It's raining in LA!

Hello wonderful family!!!!
Oh my goodness! You don't know how happy this e-mail makes me!!!! I am so happy that things are looking so good at home! I know that the Lord is so aware of us! I love you!
I know he blesses us for our diligence to His commandments and our service to His children. 

   Sister Morrison and I have been joking that this week, we made a trip to the Seattle Washington mission, due to the ridiculous amount of rain that has been poured (literally) over Bell Gardens and a lot of the mission. I felt so much gratitude for serving in SoCal when we experienced the downpour a few days this week. Proselyting in the rain is a lot harder than the normal sunny and 75 degree weather hehe :) We are grateful as well, because it helped a bit with the drought we've been in over here. But the rain sure didn't stop us! This week we have been praying for new investigators and boy, has the Lord answered our prayers. I can't truly tell you how strong I have felt God's presence this week, in the work. When times were hard during the rainy days, and no one was home and we had no set lessons but we were just talking to everyone, we felt Heavenly Father telling us to try a little harder, go a little further and I will bless you. We  ended up finding 2 really cool investigators, and one of them was a referral that we had tried probably 4 or 5 times and on the last time she was home!!! She is a young mom, (we seem to be teaching a lot of those lately) who is searching to have a relationship with God again. She is so awesome!
  This week we had a wonderful Zone Conference and it was so edifying and I learned so much! Something that I really liked that President Weidman  told us is that a lot of times we hear the phrase, to forget yourself and go to work, in the mission. He said that people look at it in a different way, God isn't telling us to leave behind our strengths, talents, skills and everything that makes us unique and who we are but that God is telling us to use those gifts and talents that he has given us to serve Him. Use them, especially on our missions, to give it our all and use the tools that he has given us to hasten the work. I really loved it, because it reminded me that although we're missionaries and a lot has changed, our schedule, what we do in our free time, who we spend our time with etc. God still wants us to be who we are and to not forget that!!!
In other news, we're having a baptism this Sunday!!!!! We're so pumped, Jennifer is so ready to be baptized and we are getting it all set up, it is going to be so amazing we're ending the transfer with a SPLASH!!! hahaha

Bell Gardens ward is doing well, we recently have finally gotten a new ward mission leader, we haven't had one for about a month now but he is awesome and ready to work. This week, Sister Vincent and I were asked to speak at the ward Noche de Hogar about missionary work and it was great! Afterwards for refreshments, they gave out a Rosca de Reyes cake, which is a tradition in the mexican culture for Dia de los Reyes, its basically like this bread that they have and inside is hidden the baby Jesus, it represents when the 3 kings visited Christ and he's hidden in the cake to kind of represent when King Herod was trying to find Him. Very interesting.....but cool! All in all, it was a good Noche de Hogar!

Side note: I forgot to mention couple weeks back we got the info of who our new mission president and companion is going to be in July, their names are Brother and Sister Robert Haynie of Shoreline WA! 
How awesome!!!!!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and make sure to use those special gifts and talents which God has given you, to serve His children and to help and uplift His church. I pray that all of my NC friends are well and are getting adjusted to life back to school and work after the holidays! Love ya'll! Talk to you soon!
p.s--- I actually have been spreading the word about Cheerwine the famous soda that does not exist over here, but our investigators, Jennifer and Matthew are in love with Dr. Pepper and I told them about Cheerwine so now they are begging for a taste. So if there is anything I would like is a thing of Cheerwine so my peeps over here can taste of its goodness ;) Hahaha LOVE YOUUUU! 
Hermana Abreu 

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