Monday, December 21, 2015


Merry Christmas!!! LOVE YOUUUU!
I can't even believe that I get to talk to you all this Friday, it doesn't seem real!! But I am so excited, we have plans to Skype at the Osorio's house on Christmas Day, and we can Skype at whatever time we want, we just have to decide so we can let Hermana Osorio know so she can get the Skype stuff all set up :) Whatever time is good for you all! She said, if we want, they can set up their TV so that I can see you all, big screen! I cannot contain my excitement, talk to you SOON!!!!!!!!!!!
I got my Christmas box, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Sister Morrison got hers too, so we took them all out and put it underneath our little tree:)
My early Christmas present from home!  I have been listening to David everyday, as long as Sister Morrison doesn't get sick of it....hahaha!!!

Our little Christmas tree!!

I know I say that every week is a week of miracles, but this one has been a Christmas miracle-kind of week! This week we had our mission Christmas Devotional, where the mission gathered together and had a day full of training's and we celebrated together, the birth of the Savior. There were many beautiful musical numbers from missionaries, and narrations from the scriptures of Christ and his birth and we also had a spirit filled testimony meeting with a delicious, Christmas lunch to finish! It was so beautiful, it definitely helped me feel the Christmas spirit, but most importantly the Spirit of Christ. Something that President Weidman shared that really has helped me understand the importance of my first Christmas on the mission, is that before our missions, we remember Christ but as missionaries we represent Him. It is such a precious time to serve the Lord, and this time of year is so special because people's hearts are opened to that spirit of Christ! There are so many prepared people here, we have seen the fruits of that this week!!!
Christmas miracle of the week #1 -- Our investigator, Norma wasn't progressing too well, when we talked to her about her baptism she said she wasn't ready, due to certain things/concerns. We then went back a few days later and she told us about this bad feeling that she had been having, she had felt as though there was a bad presence around her, she couldn't even sleep all that week. We then talked to her about a priesthood blessing and she said she would love one and so the next day the Elders came over and gave her the most beautiful blessing of comfort. She had tears in her eyes, and right after the blessing we had a lesson with her and her heart was changed. The spirit was so strong and she committed to pray about baptism for January! It is so amazing to know that this power of God was restored through the prophet, Joseph Smith, and that we have it today to bless the lives of God's children. I know that priesthood power is real and it enables us to feel and experience the powers of heaven on earth.
Christmas miracles #2-- Yesterday we received a member referral through the phone of a woman in the English ward who wanted the missionaries to go visit her nephew and his newlywed wife. She called us and explained to us the situation and apparently the wife, Jennifer, had gone to a baptism of a nine year old girl the week prior and said that she felt the spirit so strong and wanted to feel that same thing for herself, baptism. She had also gone to the Tijuana, Mexico temple open house a month back and commented and said "how and when can I get married in here?!??" Basically, she wants to get baptized. Sure enough, Sister Morrison and I go over that night right after the phone call with the member who gave us the referral and we have the most amazing lesson with her and her husband. We set a baptism date with her for January 17th!!!!!!!! Her only question for us was how soon after I am baptized, can I go and get sealed in the temple!!!!!! She is amazing!!! She is so sensitive to the spirit and is so willing and ready to know more and to follow Christ fully. Sister Morrison and I could hardly contain our excitement we jumped for joy!!! Knowing that God prepares people and they are put in our path is just so AMAZING! I know that missionary work is joy. It is pure joy, I felt it last night and I feel it every single day that I am here. Our brothers and sisters that are seeking this joy need to be found, I like to think of it as the JOY CYCLE :) People who are looking for the gospel are seeking joy, we as members of the church and missionaries, bring this joy of the gospel and share it with them and when we do that we feel a new joy that comes from sharing something we cherish and seeing another cherish it! I love it! I love the gospel and I just love being a missionary!!!!
I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and I know that he lives. I know that he was born to live and set that example for us, and to die and suffer for every single one of us so that we might have joy. The joy I feel when I think of His birth and his Resurrection are indescribable. I want to invite all of you to share that joy of Christ and of the gospel with someone who needs it, this Christmas season. 

"Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have JOY." 2 Nephi 2:25

Merry Christmas to all of you!!! Xoxoxoxo I hope that you spend it well and with loved ones <3 
I will talk to you in 4 days!!! WOOOOOO :) LOVE YOU!
-Hermana Abreu
President and Sister Weidman and I at the Christmas devotional :) 
Sister Morrison and I celebrating my 6-month with churros from Lucero's Bakery
My new companion--Sister Morrison!

My old companion Sis. Evans and I

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