Thursday, September 10, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day Monday! :) that looks soooooo fun! :) Sister Baek and I are celebrating with emailing at the church building and Taco Bell because everywhere else is closed. Hehe
Glad you are making a fun fun day the day everyone is off! How is school going for everybody? Getting into the groove of things? On the mission I forget if it's Monday or Friday or whatever and sometimes people will say "have a great weekend" and I completely forget it's a weekend, the days all blend together haha.
Pretty scenery selfies with Sis. Baek!!!!


So this week has been good! This week we had interviews with President Weidman which were great :) it's great to be able to talk to him about everything. 

Coolest thing this week: We have two new investigators!  DP and Shanta, they are a couple from Nepal and their story is really amazing. We came in contact with them through the referral system. They moved from Nepal here a few months ago because their home was destroyed because of the earthquake over there. They came here to find work and a place to live. DP actually found the Book of Mormon online and started to read it, soon after, the missionaries found them. Craziness! They moved temporarily to our area, and want to continue taking the lessons and get baptized. BUT the people they are staying with are also from Nepal and if they find out DP and Shanta are meeting with missionaries from the LDS church they are going to kick them out! They have so much faith and love and they really have a strong desire to get baptized but their circumstances at the moment, aren't allowing them too! Another difficulty is it's a little hard to understand their English but when have the Spirit in the lesson, it really doesn't matter. 

Our investigator Chuck has been doing some digging on the Internet lately about the church which is really never good and is doubting a lot of faith and testimony that he already has of the gospel. Satan works so hard on those people who are ready to be baptized. Chuck is still his same humorous self and Sister Baek and I are praying really hard to know what would help him the most at this time. Transfers are coming up and there is no telling what's going to happen! We shall see :) This week I tried Thai food for the first time. It was super good! and I also had something called "boba" which I had never really heard of before. Well out here in Cali, it's a thing. It's a type of drink with tapioca balls in it hahaha it's odd but pretty good! 

As we were talking to our ward mission leader the other day, he said something that hit me. He was talking about conversion. He said every single one of us is ready to be converted in some way. Not necessarily converted to the gospel but conversion truly is a lifelong process and we are all converted to different things at different times. Someone might be ready to hear the gospel but some are ready to be converted in a belief that there even is a God. There are people all around us every single day who may need a friend, or an uplifting message. In missionary work, a lot of times there isn't much need for finding. The members of the ward have friends and acquaintances that they interact with everyday and they are put in our path for a reason. I have a testimony that God really can answer our prayers through other people, and we truly never know what seeds we are planting in people's hearts. It's important to always be examples of our Savior Jesus Christ. :) I am really looking forward to General Conference, I can hardly wait to find out about our 2 new apostles! I know this church is true and that when we obey Christ's teachings it brings blessings!!!!! I love you guys soooo much, words can't even describe it and I'm glad you are enjoying your Labor Day. Mwuahhhh! Talk to you soon! Have a great week at school and work!!!! 
-Hermana Abreu 
We went to lunch with
Christina, a wonderful less-active, recent convert :)


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