Monday, August 31, 2015

"A Wonderous Adventure!"

Hey mommy!! Hey Papi!!! So glad to hear you all are getting back into the groove of things :) So good to hear sweet Genevieve is being a good girl :) I miss her sweet little voice. Tell Rio to stop being a grumpy boy! Haha I can just picture that. Is Giselle still getting them up?
That is a bummer about the jeep but I sure hope the new/used car situation works out! That really would be so great for you guys! I will be praying this week that that works out. I'll be honest, the story about Ryker nearly broke my heart but pleaseee show him all the videos you can, it makes me even more excited to Skype in a few months. Remind that sweet boy of me because I miss him so much it hurts. 
This week has been an adventure, a wondrous adventure. This week we had exchanges, which are my favorite! I stayed in my area, Sister Bown came and it was so wonderful.
This is Sister Brown! 
We saw sooo many miracles, we found a couple new investigators, and all our new investigators who we normally can't catch at home were home and we had lessons with them. Almost everyone we talked to that day were kind and although they weren't interested they accepted what we said  and were super sweet. It was cool because Sister Bown had actually served in Palos Verdes at the beginning of her mission for like 5 months so she was able to see everyone again and they were super excited to see her. Sister Bown is so bold, and she really testifies from her heart when we contact people on the street. I learned so much from her, and like always, we had a blast! This week we had my last new missionary orientation and it is cool to see all the Elders in my district and how they have changed in just a few months. We're all getting into the mission groove...finally! 
This week we also got to be a part of something that one of the sisters in the ward plans every month or so and its called the "Cookie Brigade". Sister Janet invites all the children in her apartment complex to come over and do some crafts (normally they make cookies) but they do fun activities and eat and its super cute. It was super fun to help out with that.
The Cookie Brigade!!!
Thanksgiving (in September) with the Strouds! 
Oh man! I love the members here soooo much! On Friday we had dinner with the Strouds and unbeknownst to us they invited a few other members of the ward and they had a thanksgiving dinner, no joke! It was incredible, they were sweet and let us take leftovers that lasted us a couple of days. :) The next day, one of the sisters treated us to China Buffet hahaha it was toooo good. The members in this area, take great care of us and they are wonderful, especially in going out to work with us. One of the sisters preparing for her mission, Rachel, just got her mission call to...MONGOLIA! Wooooo she had been waiting for almost 6 weeks and she finally got it the other day (on a Saturday :) ), we are so excited for her. She leaves in January, which means we have a bit more time to have her come out to work with us.
It is really incredible the miracles that we have seen. We found a former investigator the other day who said that she knows that the church is true and that she has seen the blessings from it in her life. She knows she has veered off but she agreed to start meeting with us again. This week we went by to see Chuck to see how he was doing and his day hadn't gone too well. So we whipped out his ukulele and guitar and we had a jam session, because he has been taking ukulele lessons at the "elderly" center hehe he literally is the best. He said we have to eventually play at his baptism...which he jokes will never happen, but we shall see about that. ;) Prayers for Chuck!  Today I went with Sister Baek to the Korean market......haha wow what a place! It was interesting but I am glad she got to go. Prayer works, I can tell you that much. Sister Baek and I are closer than ever, at times we disagree but we have so much fun together.
Creepiest moment this week: We were visiting an investigator in the evening one night and it turned out she wasn't home. Her neighbor was out on the porch so we decided to talk to her. We introduced ourselves and she said she had a question so we said "okay" but she goes in her house and whipps out a ouija board and says she wants to ask us a question on the board! I was ready to bolt however Sister Baek (not really aware of what was going on) continued to talk to her, I literally cut the conversation and we left. It was the creepiest thing and I got the weirdest vibe/feeling when we with her. Hopefully we won't encounter that again, you never know in LA.
I continue to be in awe at the beautiful views when we drive up to members houses etc. It amazes me that people live in this beautiful place and don't ever consider the existence of a God. I know that God lives and he is a apart of our lives every single day.
Beautiful views!
More cool views!
 The best part is,is that he is our literal Father in Heaven and he knows us perfectly and he loves us. Whenever I feel hot and exhausted and I lose the desire to talk to people, I am reminded about all the people that really do need the message that God loves them and is aware of them and their needs. My favorite scripture of the week: "Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend." (Mosiah 4:9)  Believe in God and put your trust in Him, always! Our baptism goal as a mission this month was 50 and we got 52! Mighty prayer has power and when we call upon the Lord we see miracles! I am so grateful to be here and everyday I give thanks to my Father in Heaven for the experiences and the people I am with here. I love you all so much and give thanks for the wonderful family I have. Although my heart aches from time to time, thinking about how much longer I have without seeing you guys I think of about the rest of our lives we have, but most importantly eternity! Les quiero mucho! Have a wonderful week! Talk to you next week! I hope you are able to see blessings this week!
My new bag because my other one broke!The picture doesn't do it justice but I think because it has metal
clasps, it should last me a lot longer!!
P.s--President Weidman told me to tell you not to worry but that I will be serving spanish soon hehe :) 
Your missionary
Hermana Abreu

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