Monday, August 3, 2015


Hello hello!
I am so glad that Papi enjoyed my e-mail. I really wish I could write to a lot more people and right a lot more there is just never time! Anyways another week, down and its been great. Phew! Where do I start?! So we got our transfer calls andddddd......I am staying in Torrance! Both, Sister Hatch and I! BUT we are going to be a trio! Another Sister, Sister Werhahn, is coming to our area! So there will be 3 of us in our teeny apartment, we shall see :) I am excited to see how it will all play out. We will be covering, along with Torrance 1st ward, the South Bay YSA which will be cool, I am not exactly sure how it will work out but we'll see! So today we have been arranging and getting all prepared for that. This week has been...HOT haha it is always hot. Even though there is a cool, ocean breeze its just hot. When you're moving its hot when you're not its hot. Hahaha anyways this week we have been trying to figure out how to teach John everything he needs to make his date of August 22nd. The other day we taught him the Word of Wisdom today we had plans to teach him the Plan of Salvation and have a little FHE with a member but he ended up canceling so that was a bummer. He has been a little flaky as far as meeting with us and such so its hard because we want to teach him everything and have him really just have that desire for baptism and understand the importance of it! But just keep praying for him to make that date, its already his 3rd baptismal date! Man. Anyways we have plans to go to the Visitors Center with him and walk the temple grounds so that should be a great thing for him. This Sunday we were asked to teach the YW's class so Sister Hatch and I did more of a Q&A thing with the YW about missionaries and such and it was really fun to be back in YW. I am glad Marina had a pretty good time! (Drama is never fun). Tell Rebeca I love her and I am excited for her! She can do it! Overall though this week has been great we are headed to transfer meeting tomorrow and this week we shall be getting adjusted to missionary work as a trio :) We were visiting a less active lady, Sister Labrecque and she was just talking about how the hottest months here are September and October, lucky me haha but hey its great :) The work is moving and the Lord is guiding us to those chosen and prepared for the gospel! One of my favorite things so far as a missionary is just meeting people who sometimes are just having a hard time and we just pray with them, right then and there. There is so much power in prayer. Prayer is essential in missionary work, because afterall it is the Lord's work you can't do it without counseling with Him. Anyways we also had dinner with our bishop and his wife the other night. They made taco salad, however I just kept thinking about how different it was. They used a fry sauce (mayonnaise and ketchup) wasn't bad. Lol I love you guys and I can feel your prayers I really can. I pray for you every minute. I wish I had more time but we shall be in touch this week! Also I LOVE my e-mails during the week, although I can't reply I will get them whenever we are at the church because of the Wifi. As transfers come, I think back to 6 weeks ago when I got here and even though it feels like its been a long time, I am loving it and enjoying every minute of it. Have a great week! Love to every single one of you from over here in LA! Mwuah! <3
Hermana Abreu
The banana bread batter that we made, because we bought bananas and didn't eat them so they got bad super quick..sooo we made yummy banana bread!!!!

A sign that made me think of Marina!

Me and a less active girl named KB (she has a different long name but she wants us to call her KB) She is awesome. She is the cousin of a recent convert, Kate who we were going to visit and then instead we met KB who has been staying at her house for a few months looking for a job. KB is awesome! She is the sweetest, it turns out she's an RM and has had a pretty rough life. She finally came back to church and so we took pictures! She's from an island called....Caribas I think...I don't really quite know samoan? haha

Sister Hatch and I by the sunset!

A picture of exchanges a couple weeks ago...(excuse my G's showing, still trying to get used to that, dang haha)

My ridiculous tan line!

Pretty sunset :)

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  1. KB is probably from Kirabati which is part of Micronesia (the ti is pronounced with an "s" on the island - so Kirabas) We had an Elder and a Sister come to San Francisco during my last transfer. The second week they were in the mission we take everybody to Union square to street contact, it was culture shock to say the least.

    PS - your amazing, keep on keeping on.