Monday, August 17, 2015

Crazy Week!!!

Hello my wonderful family!
Well it seems as though your week has been just as crazy as mine! Haha I am glad you all had fun at the pool, everyone looks so tan!!! :) Tell Danie, thanks for the pictures! I also loved the talent show pictures haha I am sure that was a hoot, Papi is always the best at that.
Anyways so this week has been a whirlwind of events. So Tuesday afternoon was crazyyy. Sister Hatch had an  doctors appointment outside of the mission boundaries so she was gone most of the day, so Sister Wehrhan and I did some work in our area and went out with a Sister in our ward to visit some potentials. While we were out we got a couple phone calls from the AP's (assistants to the president) and they hardly ever call unless its somethings urgent so we called back. When we got back to the car they gave us the news, I was being mid-cycle transferred to a different area and that I should meet at the mission office at 9pm that night, being all packed. Soooo that was a shocker, immediately Sister Wehrhahn and I start crying. It was hard just because I was getting used to and loved the YSA and the trio and I kept thinking about all the wonderful people I had met and how I couldn't say goodbye, it was hard. BUT then I had to rethink and I just remembered that this is what the mission is all about, CHANGE! And so here I am! My new companion is Sister Baek!
Me and my new companion Sister Baek!!!
 She is from Korea and has been out for a year! She is super sweet and is a really hardworking missionary, my new area is Crestridge/Lunada Bay ward in Palos Verdes. (We also cover two wards). So far, I love this area! The area itself is GORGEOUS! When we drive up you see the ocean and the hills and the city and it is crazy. They call it "The Hill" and really a lot of ritzy people live there. BUT I honestly look forward to the drive everyday because it blows my mind how pretty it is. When I pictured California, this is definitely what I pictured. 
Stunning views of Palos Verdes!

Our investigators are wonderful and everyday we are finding more people to talk to and share the gospel with! This past week I met Lisa, an investigator who is planning to be baptized September 5th! She is amazing. She LOVES the Book of Mormon and she sleeps with it next to her head every single night! Despite her medical issues, her faith is unwavering. We also have an 85 year old investigator named Chuck. He is so sweet and sincere. He loves the gospel, but still has some questions but he loves to go to church and he is just awesome. The work in the Crestridge area is moving however as everyone knows there must be opposition in all things. These past few days, Sister Baek and I have encountered some really mean people. It is really hard when someone tells you that what you live and love and know to be true is false doctrine. Being a missionary is one of the biggest trials of your faith but I know that this gospel is true!!!!! I know that Satan wants to stop this work but I also know that there are people like Lisa, waiting to be baptized and to have that everlasting joy that only comes through the gospel! I love the ward and the people here are so welcoming. Something that I have learned this past week is that although we go through unexpected changes in the mission, in family, work, and LIFE the one thing that is never changing is the gospel of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ, our Savior. His arm is always reached out for us and it doesn't matter at what point we are at spiritually, emotionally, physically He is there to lift us up. 
"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastnewss in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life." ( 2 Nephi 31:20) 
I love you all so much and I pray for you daily, Stay strong and enjoy your week my beautiful family!!! Love YOU!!!

-Hermana Abreu
Beautiful LA temple at night!

Our "Trio" (short but sweet!)  Sister Wehrhahn, Sister Hatch, and me!!!!

Our Zone!!!!

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