Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baptism blessings!

Hola familia!!!
All is well! My companion is great, she is straight from Korea. She's pretty fluent in English but sometimes I struggle to understand her haha she is sometimes kind of uptight....I don't know why I keep getting companions like that but man maybe Heavenly Father is trying to teach me something. BUT in the end she is sweet and we get along the best we can :)
Wow! What a week! The most amazing part of the week wassss when JOHN GOT BAPTIZED OH YEAH!
John's Baptism! Woohoo!

 At district meeting we saw Sister Hatch and Sister Wehrhahn (we actually shouldn't have been there because we went to the wrong building for District meeting hehe) Anyways and they said that they were planning a baptism on Sunday for John!!! (his original date was the day before) but it was the miracle of all miracles. They said that we would be doing the "missionary moment". The missionary moment is when a companionship teaches the restoration to everyone at the baptism (it is kind of the way that other companionship's are able to go to baptisms for other investigators not in their area) :) We also ended up singing a special musical number with the other sisters. Man it was the coolest most amazing thing to see him get baptized! Words can't even describe it. It was bittersweet, mostly sweet, because I was able to see members of my old area and kind of say a proper goodbye and see John, basically our main investigator in Torrance enter the waters of baptism, but bitter because my heart sort of ached at not seeing the members again, that was a bit hard. BUT the baptismal service was wonderful, the sisters did an awesome job and I am sooo grateful that I was able to witness that. That was the best part of the week. 
The members here are awesome, and they are wonderful about meals! Oh man am I sooo grateful for that!!! They are kind, and have welcomed me with open arms. Surprise of the week: President Weidman attended our ward in Crestridge on Sunday. It was funny because he sent us a text that said he was coming but we were in ward council so we didn't see it. Until we were greeting everyone and the meeting started and so when I sat down I saw President on the stand. It was a pleasant surprise! It is always so great to see him, he is just inspired, he is wonderful. 
Our investigators are doing good for the most part. Lisa, the one with the baptismal date in September is not doing well medically and we haven't been able to see her at all because she has been in and out of the hospital :( Prayers for Lisa!
Chuck, our "wiser" (older) investigator is doing great, he comes to church and loves it and we have members out with us every time we go and see him. We think he's looking for a stroke of lightning or something to let him know he needs to be baptized but he is a retired engineer and lawyer so its hard for him to spiritual promptings and answers to his prayers but we're working on it. :) Other than that he keeps all of his commitments and is wonderful. He couldn't go to the Visitors Center because the member who was going to take him had a last minute work trip but we have plans to go with him soon. We have many other investigators that we have taught here and there but we try to get solid lessons and they cancel, but hey people have their own agency, what can you do? We got in contact with a former investigator named Mike, who recently lost his daughter to breast cancer. We stopped by to have a lesson with a member and he showed us all his family pictures on the wall. He is really into family history and he loves talking about it, (the whole time we were there we toured his house with all the pictures on the wall.) We went with Sister Goddard, the sweetest japanese member, and Mike really liked that she was there, he said she made him feel "serene"....hahaha but members really do bring a special spirit and are able to fellowship in a way that missionaries can't'. Anyways tomorrow is my last new missionary orientation meeting, and in a couple weeks I will officially be done with the 12-week new missionary training, so in other words I am hitting 3 months and will no longer be the new missionary! I can't tell if it is a good thing or a bad thing but the days are moving and so is the work here. :) 
Funny situation: This week, we were out with a sister who is waiting on her mission call!!! Her name is Rachel Whitaker and she actually lived in Winston Salem for a bit and went to BYU-Idaho for a couple years, anywaysss we have been going out to work with her for a couple days and at one point we were talking to someone on the street and the strap on my bag just popped off and fell to the was a sad day :( I loved that bag! But Rachel had one around her house in the meantime for me to use until I can get another one. She is just the best! I can definitely empathize with her on the whole waiting on the mission call for endless weeks, but apparently her papers got in a stack that they shouldn't have bit and basically have been sitting in Salt Lake for a few weeks. But this week she should find out where she goes! Super exciting, it takes me back a few months :) 
I love you all so much, tell everyone I miss them and think of them! Keep praying and reading, its the little things that count! 
Hasta luego! 
-Hermana Abreu 
My new aparatment!

Got a bathroom shot too!  Hehe!

View from the apartment!


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