Thursday, July 30, 2015

Library Selfie!

Hey mommy! This week has been great! A lot has been going on but at the same time it's been the same old same old (but good!) Good news of the week: Our investigator, John came to church for the first time!!!! And he brought his son, we didn't get to talk about how he liked it because they left like right after church but it truly was a miracle. Sunday was great, my favorite family the Tomyn's  (the family I ate lunch with on my bday) gave really great talks on the family and that night we had dinner with the Stewart family. They are a young family who have 3 cute boys, one of them is 3, I just thought of Ryker the whole time they were being rowdy :) This week we've had members come out with us to work which has been fun. There is a recently married  couple who just moved into the ward, her name is Angela Lovell and she just got back from her mission in Honduras, like 6 months ago so we have become close friends with her and her husband Lee, plus they met at BYUI so it's fun talking to them about that. We've already had her out with us twice this week hehe. 
Guess where we went the other day! Chickfila!!! The members have been kind of iffy about feeding us so we've gone out to eat a couple times and I realized one of the Chickfila's was in our area, so we went and it was enjoyable. However it was kinda hard because it felt like one of you guys would pop up with a refill or something, like Chickfila was "our place", so it was bittersweet ( sweet because I got a peach shake) :) :) :) 
Overall though this week has been great. Transfers are in the coming week I believe, but I think because Sister Hatch is my trainer and I'm not done with the "12 week training" we will be together for a while longer. We are working hard to find people to teach and hopefully, we have a couple people we've met in the streets who might become investigators so we shall see! It's definitely awkward walking up to people and testifying to people about the gospel but it's something that you gotta get over because you never know who is really gonna need the gospel. So far I've had a couple of not so good experiences but it really is all worth it when you can talk to someone on the street, civilly and strengthen their faith whether their catholic, Muslim etc. We never want to tear down anyone's faith when we talk to them, just build upon it. 
Oh my goodness! Poor Danie! I'll keep her especially in my prayers this week. Tell her I love her! 
I forgot that you had to be at church early! Ohhhh man, Marina better get it together. Haha I know that's gotta be hard going back to that early stuff again but I know Heavenly Father is gonna bless you for your service for the branch ma, that's not easy I know it's not but you're awesome and I'm grateful for your example. Mommy I'll admit, I think the thing I miss most is just being able to talk to you, when things happen on the mission I immediately just want to tell you, only you, all about it. But we will "see each other again" and oh what a great reunion that will be! For now, I'm enjoying it and trying my hardest to focus focus focus so that I can give it all to the Lord. 
About Giselle, I'm sorry about that fiasco! And oh no, I know how Audrey can be..., I hope it wasn't too bad. Someday though, I'd like to give her a piece of my mind, all the grief she's caused us. It's sad about Kyle leaving though, he was the coolest one there. Any news on her job at the movie tavern? When does Marina start MADS camp? She sent me a picture of herself in the costume, it made my day!  
By the way, Diane sent me a birthday card last week with some money, she is so sweet! I wrote her back a quick thank you note for thinking of me.   Also thank you for the email in the middle of the week, I loved it!!! :) I love you mom, keep on going keep on being the great mommy that you are because you really are wonderful. Talk to you next week! 
  p.s-- if you wanted to know, we normally head over to the library to email at like 4pm and we have a couple of hours... I believe you guys are three hours ahead so if you are ever on your phone around that time, shoot me an email and maybe we can go back and forth for a bit. It'll seem like we're closer :) Anyways love you love you!!! Hablaremos pronto! 
Hermana Abreu
Library Selfie!

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