Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fun (but different) 4th of July in LA!!

Hey mom!!! I love you! And I have been thinking about you and the family all 4th of July day. On the 4th of July we did our normal thing, however a less-active lady invited us over for hotdogs and beans so that was super sweet of her. She just had surgery so we helped her do some stuff around the house, we also had to be in by 6pm so we did our weekly planning for the rest of the night. We could for sure hear the fireworks all night though!
This week has been another good one! Hmmm where do I start? So this week we had zone conference, which was really great. It was about mighty prayer and working with the members to hasten the work. It is always so great to hear from President Weidman, he just knows how to speak. You would LOVE President Weidman, he is just one of those inspired men! Zone conference is exactly what I needed to get pumped up. Our area is great however, our one investigator with a baptismal date, John hasn't shown up to church and a few of our appointments have fallen through with him. Which has been sad so we're hoping this week we can meet back up with him and get him back in the groove of things. I have truly felt what it feels for the missionaries back at home! FEED THEM. Haha our ward is eh pretty okay with doing it haha. I'm in an English ward and I haven't spoken a lick of Spanish. There is one guy that we visit sometimes who speaks Spanish so I speak to him sometimes but so far its all been in English. Sister Hatch is great! She is from Arizona, Winslow, and she is fantastic. She is the oldest of 5, so she gets me :) Our apartment is great! Its in a pretty nice complex, we really can't complain and the area I am in is really a good area. You can walk almost anywhere and feel safe.
 I loved hearing and seeing all of the 4th of July pictures, it looks like TONS of fun, I am sad that Papi had to work :p Let him know how grateful I am for all that he does because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to be on a mission. Also mommy I LOVE YOU and I pray for you all the time, seriously. I pray that work isn't too tough for you especially during the summer and I pray that you don't miss me too much. Because even though I miss you single minute of everyday, I just have to think back to Jesus Christ and that through Him we don't have to worry about this short time period because we have eternity! It is so comforting to know that. Whenever you feel sad or upset or whatever just PRAY. Because I will most likely be praying at the same time and Heavenly Father will comfort you and me and he will help us do this together. I really am happy! I love being a missionary. My favorite thing is meeting and spending time with all kinds of people and leaving them with spiritual messages that are meant for just them or their family and seeing the Spirit work through them. The other night we had dinner with a Hispanic family, the Masciotti family, I LOVE THEM. The mom reminds me so much of Gladys hehe and their family is so sweet. Sister Hatch and I are trying hard to find new investigators but its tough sometimes, its not the easiest area to start off on the mission but I feel like the Lord needs me here to work and He will help me to do it. He already has. 
I haven't gotten any packages or anything yet but I will be sure to look forward to that :) We get our mail at our district meetings which are normally on Fridays.
I know the Lord will bless you Ma, for always being such a good member, being willing to do whatever!!! The babies and everyone look great. I am glad you all enjoyed the 4th :) Remind Ryker of me please, all the time, that I love him. Ugh its tough not being there, I definitely took all that for granted, being with you guys. Anyways. I just hope you know that I am so happy! As far as my birthday I think I emailed last time that any goodies of any kind would be nice, my pink/coral skirt hemmed up and the picture collage you were gonna make! Okay well I will talk to you soon, Heavenly Father is caring for you guys and loves you all and I know he is watching over me so don't you worry I LOVE YOU GUYS and I hope you have a good week and everyone is enjoying their summer!
John 14:27 <3
-Hermana Abreu

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