Monday, July 20, 2015

Another great week!!!

Hey!!! I hope you all have had another wonderful week! It looks like you all have. I LOVED seeing the chickfila pictures, I completely forgot that even happened. There are a couple Chickfila's around, I am not sure if they are right in our area but oh how I miss good ol' Chickfila! Everyone looks so good! Wow another week has come and gone. There is a saying in the mission that "the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days" and boy is that true! Today I don't have too much time because I had to do some new missionary trainings on the computer but I am gonna try to say all I wanna say in the time that I do have :) So the best part of this week had to have been our 24 hour exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, I got to go to their area for a day and it was so awesome. I was with Sister Moli, seriously she just is the best, she just gets me we are like the same ahaha. (Love you Sister Hatch...but yeah anyways you catch my drift) ;) It was such a great experience! Their area is in Santa Fe, I believe about 45 min-1 hour away from our area. Their area is a Spanish area and I loved it. Right when I got there we had lunch at home and we went right back out, we had set lessons with some great investigators. I taught the Restoration a couple times but it was hard to get back in the Spanish groove. It was nice to be back with the Hispanics though :) They truly are more humble and loving haha it is SO much easier talking to people in that area because everyone is open and loving and willing to listen. Anyways it was super fun and I was able to discuss some things with Sister Moli and take some things that were great in their area and apply it to ours. It is crazy how Heavenly Father puts people in our paths. On exchanges we met a guy named Julian who was super interested about the gospel and we ended up praying with him. It was such a cool experience. He had tears in his eyes. Oh man! On exchanges, Sister Moli and I also taught a less active family and guess what? Two of their kids are named Nacho and Steven...I couldn't stop laughing on the inside. The mom said their names at one point and I was dying. NACHOOO LIBREEE! :) I tried to tell Sister Hatch but she has never seen the movie so she didn't get it :P
On Friday at District Meeting, I was so looking forward to getting my birthday package but then after the meeting our DL, Elder Afualo said there was no package for me and I was kind of sad so we went home. However when we headed back out to see some people we got a call from our zone leaders that said they had to talk to us so we came outside and they were carrying my birthday package!!! I don't know how they had it but it was a nice turn around! I LOVED my package, (Sister Moli took some pictures of me opening it, you can thank her ;) ) Seriously, I can't believe you did all that, the pictures on the outside, the EVERYTHING. I loved every bit of it. It made super super happy, Thank you bunches family. I am lucky to have gotten two pretty awesome packages close together :) I managed to salvage the pictures while ripping it open hehe
Also one of the training I have to get done today is this iPad training! I don't know if I told you but we really do get ipads and all the new missionaries should be getting there's tomorrow yayyy! There a many many restrictions on ipad use but its all good because it means I do not have to carry all my heavy scriptures around ahaha! Another awesome thing is that I can read e-mails any day of the week, I just cannot reply so if you ever wanna send me a quick e-mail, thought, picture or whatever I will be able to see it during the week, I just can't reply so yay! The only thing is I have to have wifi and our apartment doesn't have wifi so that's okay though. Apparently we can keep them after our mission too which is crazy awesome! They really teach and encourage the missionaries to use the ipads to mainly help our teaching and investigators its super cool that we have this amazing tool. We have already used it in a few lessons because it has the little pamphlets with cool videos and things anyways I should be receiving mine tomorrow!
Overall this week has been great, we set a new baptismal date for John for August 22nd which is awesome, now we really just gotta get him to church. The work is moving, and I am adjusting and the schedule and everything is getting easier. I read Giselle's e-mail about work and tell her she can tell that stupid Audrey to shut her mouth man I don't like her haha. I am glad she's worked with Sydney and Olivia I LOVE them! I am glad to hear she's doing it though. It is cool to think she is working tea now. Awww my beautiful Genevieve, you can tell her I am trying hard not to count the months but she is right , 17 months, we can do this. It'll be gone before we know it. My sweet Ryker, tell him I love him gah I miss him. I miss all of you, but when I stay busy and focus outwards it is a lot easier. I've learned so much already its incredible to think how much more the Lord needs me to learn. Anyways I love you so much family. I pray for you all the time and when I am not physically praying there is always a prayer in my heart for my wonderful family. I hope you all enjoy this coming week! Talk to you next week!
Love you. Stay happy and remember the Lord is always by your side. You never have to fear.  
-Hermana Abreu


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