Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!!! 

It's finally feeling a bit like fall around here! Still have some hot days but for the most part it's a lot cooler. Things this transfer are slowing down but at the same time they're speeding up! This week we've been working non stop and it's been the coolest week! We had exchanges with Sister Davies and her new missionary Sister Cox! I was able to be with Sister Davies otra vez! We had tons of fun. Being with a newer missionary really gives you the pumped up energy you need! We worked all day and saw so many miracles as we were diligent and obedient. I love Sister Davies. :) 

This whole week as a zone we had this member present initiative where we worked extra hard as a zone to have members come and work with us everyday! and it's been so cool as we started this initiative with a fast to be able to achieve 72 member presents, how the zone has been working SO hard to achieve it and we have seen the Lord's hand so much! Our ZL's had us send a text to the zone everytime we got a member present lesson and everyday as we got texts from other missionaries seeing miracles it made us want to work extra hard! I think we ended the week with 77 member present lessons as a zone! It was so cool!! 

Norma and Francisco got confirmed! Yay yay! They are official members of the church! This week we also have been helping Norma and Francisco move to their new apartment! It's so nice and is really a much better size for them! :) we're super excited to continue  helping them to go to the temple! 

Welp there were a lot of things that happened this week that I just didn't have time to share with you but I'll try and fill you in next week. Sorry about the short updates. Much love to my home state of NC! I'm especially praying for those of you affected by Hurricane Matthew!!! Be safe. Te quiero! Hasta la proxima semana :) 

-Hermana Abreu 
Sister Smith and I with this stray kitty we found! We named it Eva :) but of course we had to give her away (if you're wondering why I am holding a cat if I have allergies...I'm dumb...because it really affected me later haha)

Lessons with Norma and Francisco and her famous horchata

Pumpkin choco chip cookies Sister Davies and I made while on exchanges! Its that time of year again!! EEEEEPPPPP :D
And a picture of Marta, a recent convert (they got married and baptized this last year, when Sis. Evans and I were together) and her daughter Kristen!

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