Tuesday, October 25, 2016

End of October shananigans!

I couldn't think of a title to this email, I am all out of ideas!
Family dearest I love you! I hope you all had a fun week with Marina at Renfest and the fall festival fun! I am sure that was so FUN I love fall, especially fall in NC :)

For some reason the sun is still blazing over here in California, its been super hot the past few weeks but we're hoping now that November is coming up it'll cool down like last year. 

Sister Smith and I decided for several reasons to hand our investigator Juan over to the Elders in the Southgate ward, because of a few personal reasons :( so we shall no longer be teaching Juan gahhh it was sad but we know he will progress with the Elders and we will be at his baptism soon :) 

This week has been filled with cool tender mercies and I feel like I have been able to see the Lord's hand so strongly in the work! Tuesday night, Sister Smith and I had been contacting the majority of the day and we had a ton of rejection :( We were feeling a little sad and while we walked, we talked about how much we wished that someone would just listen and let us share the message of the restoration. Suddenly we saw a woman in our path and started to talk with her but before we could even tell her who we were she told us to come inside her house! I'm not gonna lie I was really shocked at her request but I didn't doubt for a second that we had to go inside and talk with her. We went inside and started talking to her, it turns out that her name is Lupita and that she had met with the missionaries a few years back and her son is a less active member of the church. She told us that she knew she had to invite us in when she saw us and that she couldn't walk past us. We're continuing to work with her, I don't know if she will continue to progress in learning , if we met her to help her son or to help her investigate again but I know we were led to her for a reason! Heavenly Father truly is guiding this work. Its so humbling to be a apart of it and to realize we can't see the big picture, our duty is just to trust God and to work hard, he'll do the rest!

We had another cool experience with talking with everyone and seeing the miracles from it! We had exchanges this week with Sisters Castillo and Heller and Sisters Wadsworth and Haroldson. On Saturday, I went to Bell Gardens with Sister Heller and we were working in a neighborhood in the evening, talking with everyone. We walked by a house where it looked like they had just finished a party and two or three people were gathered chatting outside. I felt for a second that maybe they would be too busy to talk and that maybe we should just walk past them and get the next one but I pushed the thought away and I greeted them. A couple of the people of the group walked away but one woman named Michelle stayed and started talking to us. We asked her what was most important to her and she told us that her family was of course. She mentioned that she is a mom of five and she has recently been doing what she called a "study" about life after death. She told us that she has had some fears about dying and leaving her kids to be here without her. We continued to talk to her and told her what we did as missionaries, when she told us that the Elders used to come by and teach her and for some reason they stopped coming but that she LOVED when they would come and help her paint, clean and talk to her family. She thought it was interesting to see sisters but that it was so funny that we walked up to her in that moment. Sister Heller set up a time to come by and she thanked us for stopping and talking to her! It hasn't been the first time on my mission where I have seen when we talk with everyone, despite our fears, the Lord puts those of his children who NEED to hear about the restored gospel. I am SO grateful for the guidance of the Spirit that helps us know what we need to say and really who to talk to. Remember that fear is a tool of the devil and that as missionaries we should never fear what man will say. Never fear to share the gospel, have faith! The Lord will fill your mouth!!!
That's my testimony this week, I love you guys! Have fun with all the fall festivities, it'll be winter before we know it :O

Les quiero muchisicisicimo!

Con amor, 
Hermana Abreu
Helping at the ward TRUNK OR TREAT!

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