Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Happy August!

Hi Mom!

What a week!!!!! Filled with hot days but ah-mazing miracles!!! 
Miguel was confirmed an official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yesterday!! He even wore the tie that we bought him the whole time at church (even though he hated it) :)
We ate dinner at his house that evening and he told us about how he used to be a much more lively and happy person before the incident in Mexico and afterwards he had lost his funny, vibrant personality but he told us that as he has learned about the gospel and as we've been coming by he is slowly regaining it and he is laughing way more than he used to!!! We laugh a ton whenever we teach him but I know in the end its because we're all just so happy because of the gospel we can't help but laugh and smile!!!!!

Besides that, we have had fun fun exchanges with Sister Heller and Davies and Sister Wadsworth and Hibbard!!! I just love working with these sisters and learning new things from them! We have the best sistas in the CLAM I truly believe! :) :) 

Things are good, we're continuing to find and find and we've seen some cool miracles as we've been finding with faith! The other day we felt inspired to go see a former investigator that Sister Vincent had taught in the past and Sister Vincent said that they had stopped teaching her because she wasn't coming to church but hadn't officially handed her back yet! We went by and she was like "welcome back, what happened?!" and we were able to have an awesome lesson with her and we're excited to see how she will progress. There are many other awesome investigators we're finding as well that we have appts. with this week. This coming week we have MLC, interviews and ZTM so I'm sure its just gonna fly by!!!
That's about it for this week butttttt
I love you family!!! I will continue to update you as the transfer goes on!!! Have a fantabulous week!!!!! 

Hermana Abreu
 Elotes!!! Yummy! 

Miguel with his tie!

On Exchanges!

More Exchanges and ICE CREAM!!!


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