Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Changes for the better!!

Happy Happy Monday!!

I love you family!! How is everyone?! This week has been so good! Lots of busy events but nothing out of the ordinary of our normal thing as misioneras in the CLAM. 
On Tuesday we had MLC with President and Sister Haynie, it was good! Something I really enjoyed was when we counseled all together as an MLC about our baptism goal for the month of August. We counseled with the zone leaders as zones (which is a very new thing in our mission) to make plans on what we can to help each of our zones to achieve our zone goals and mission goals for baptism. At one point we were all deciding on how many baptisms we were to have for August until we decided to say a prayer to decide, so all the MLC knelt in prayer and asked Heavenly Father what we would be able to achieve. As we ended the prayer, President Haynie asked every MLC member one by one what they thought and at first we were all in agreement until an Elder said he felt we could achieve more and as President Haynie went around the room we all felt that 36 was the was really powerful to be united as leaders of the mission to set a goal for how many people could be baptized, and if we work hard I know the Lord is going to bless us for it!!!!
     On Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Haynie! Talking with them and continuing to get to know them was good, although there are tons of changes, I truly feel the love that they have for us and the desire that they have to make this mission even better. 
     On Thursday, we had AN AMAZING lesson with our investigator Juan who we have had trouble meeting with but finally we were able to have a super powerful lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ and invite him to be baptized. We asked him about the last time we had invited him to be baptized when he said he didn't feel ready and asked him how he felt now..and he said he was pretty close. We invited him to set a date to work towards on August 28th and he said yes!!! It was so cool to see the Spirit working on him!!!! WOOOOO I love the spirit ;) 
    We also had exchanges this week with Sisters Castillo and Fehrenbach and due to the fact that my license has expired and Sister Fehrenbach doesn't drive we rode our bikes around our area, man its been a while!! Hahaha but it was fun :) We may or may not have biked our bums off to make it home in time.... unforgettable exchange I will say. 
       Sunday we were able to also go to the visitors center with Jennifer (used-to-be-pregnant Jennifer) and her baby Aaron and the tour was centered on families and the temple and it was sooo powerful!!!! Jennifer really felt the spirit. We're really sad that she isn't getting baptized here in Cali because she is going to be moving back to London/Spain where her husband is and he is going to baptize her there but we already have plans to go to her sealing! :) 
Miguel our RC is working on getting the priesthood and going to the temple and we're really excited for him!!! 

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I have a really strong testimony that God answers prayers, sometimes the answers we get are not the answers we are looking for or expect but I trust in His timing for us and His perfect plan. I know its true. I know God loves us so much. I love Him so much and have truly come to understand on my mission how important it is to counsel with him in all our doings, I know he will always direct us for good. Have a great week!!! I love you so much.

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Abreu 
On exchanges with Hermana Fehrenbach!

Visitor's Center with Jennifer and baby Aaron!

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