Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My birthday and much more!!!

Hola Familia!!!!!

AHHH! Giselle got her mission call!!! I can't even believe it, I can't wait to hear where she's is going, I am almost as anxious as when I got mine! SO proud of Selle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am staying en mi casa en la ciudad de Bell y el barrio de Bell Gardens another transfer and my awesome new comp is Hermana Vincent! We know eachother from when she was my STL back in the day and we have served in MLC togetha :) She is awesome and we are both on the same page with how we want this transfer to go! She is an awesome teacher, very bold and powerful we've seen so many miracles already!!!

My birthday was really good! I got to do plenty of missionary work that day, when we went contacting with the new missionaries in Santa Monica for about 3 hours, I forgot what it was like to contact mean people, hahaha being in spanish areas, you almost forget what its like to be rejected pretty harshly but it was way fun! I was able to go contact with Sister Davies who was fresh from the Mexico MTC, nice hair, nice clothes, nice everything yup she indeed was a brand new missionary ahaha but it was really great. Sister Davies had a really cool first experience where I told her that her main job that day was to give away the Book of Mormon to someone who she felt would read it and she gladly accepted the challenge! At about halfway through contacting she had tried placing the BOM about 3 or 4 times but no one was interested. She asked me if she was doing it wrong, when really she was the most skilled new missionary I had worked with! And I told her that we would find someone. As we continued the next hour, we faced more rejection and it was almost time to head back. All we had left to hand out was the BOM, we had already given away all the pamphlets and pass along cards. So we decided to say a prayer and asked God to help us find someone to find who really would have interest in reading the Book of Mormon and in learning more. So we walked and after a couple more convos we ran into a woman named Sonia who looked like she was taking a break from her work. We started to talk to her and at first she didn't seem at all interested but as we continued to talk about the restoration and especially the BOM her expression started to change. She refused to take it at first but we asked her how she would feel to know that she could receive answers from God to the questions that she has through reading the BOM and she said it would be something great, we then opened up and read Moroni 10:3-5 with her and said a prayer and she gladly accepted the BOM!!! It was the coolest experience, because I know that as Sister Davies and I continued with faith, seeking the Lord's help to give that BOM to someone who really desired it that it would happen! :) #newmissionarymiracles

This week we also had the privilege of going to the Visitors Center twice this week with our investigators, Juan and the other Miguel Angel! So first, we found this ahmazing new investigator named Miguel Angel, he is 23 and his story is so crazy! He basically left Mexico about 2 months ago because he had some trauma happen to him, where some bad people mistaked him for another guy and basically attacked him and tortured him for 2 days for information that he didn't have and was like left in the street, the paramedics and police were too afraid of the gang that attacked him so they didn't take him to the hospital of anything he was just taken back to his home to "heal" for like a month or so. While he was at home a lot of his family left him because they were afraid that they were going to come after them too, so his wife with his two kids also left him alone. The miracle is that the missionaries found him some how in Mexico and taught him like everyday and it was his saving grace...until he decided it'd be better to start a new life here in the US and Sister Lucas and I got him as a referral! We felt prompted to call his number late Saturday night  a couple weeks back and invited him to church, he came and loved it and we have been teaching him ever since, he is gonna get baptized this Sunday!!! HE IS SOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MILAGROS ARE OCCURRING in the CLAM mission and its just the best! I am really looking forward to this transfer and to see what the Lord has in store for us these next 6 weeks! Yippeeee!!!
I love you guys so much! Have a fantabulous week!!!

Con demasiado amor,
Hermana Abreu
Last Sunday dinner with Hna. Lucas @ Hna. Cruz's 

Hey! 7/11 was giving away free slurpees because it was my bday......;) hehehe

Bday @ Ruiz's

Picture with awesome investigatior Miguel!

VC pic with Juan!

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