Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy last week of May!!!

Hi to all!
    June really is coming up, can't really believe it, time speeds up and so does the work! Sister Hibbard and I have had too many awesome/fun experiences this week, we've loved every second! Like I mentioned last week, we have been working a ton with part member families and it was so precious because with one of the PMF we've been visiting lately, the mom Diana has a five-year old son named David, it was so funny because on Saturday we felt like we needed to see her so we called her and she said that David had actually asked her that morning if "the Sisters of God" were gonna come over. He is the cutest!! We're working hard to get her non-member husband to come to a lesson whenever we're there but he hasn't had much interest but we are trying to help her to strengthen her faith and to become active again to be able to be an example for her husband! 
       Breaking news this week, our recent convert Jose Dany has finished the book of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon and for some reason it has been the most difficult thing for him but on Thursday night when we went for our lesson, he had literally purchased a cake that he had written "Mosiah 1-29" to celebrate his accomplishment and then the next day we also shared the Mosiah cake with the other missionaries in our district. Lol I wish everyone had the excitement and joy that he does about the Book of Mormon!!!!!!
     This week we also had a way fun mini exchange with our STL's all about learning Spanish to help Sister Hibbard, the real struggle is that because I have grown up speaking it, sometimes I can't exactly explain why something is the way it is, especially when it comes to grammar. So it was nice to have Sister Moli and Risenmay to help Sis. Hibbard learn and get some good advice. Plus, it was the last time I was going to see Sister Moli, I may or may not have shed some tears GAH ;) 
         We've found a lot of cool new people this week and we have a lot of great things planned for the last week of the transfer. As I have been continuing to look back, being a trainer a couple of times, I have truly been able to see evidence of the Atonement working in my life. Training is hard and can be lonely a lot of times but in the end I feel like I have been able to trust so much more in my Savior. I am SO weak but He is so strong through Him, our investigators and also I have been able to be more converted to the gospel and to be made strong. I know His atoning power is real!!! 
I love you all!!! I hope you are doing well and have a great week!! Enjoy it!! 
-Hermana Abreu 

P.S. Today has been good, we decided we were going to take a 2 hr. nap so we did haha, it was actually pretty hard to nap because we had never really slept that long for a nap. #missionaryproblems. And then one of the recent converts who works at a Korean market in Koreatown gave us a couple of giftcards so he helped us choose the best snacks, so we got a bunch of delicious Korean snacks, and then tonight one of the other recent converts, Erika who is around our age is going to take us to eat Korean bbq after emailing! :) Its a Korean-kind of day haha 

1. Mosiah cake
2. Our dinner one night, we had back to back lessons and we were running late so this was our dinner one night. #missionarylife #applejuiceandcrackers
3. Us standing in front of the famous Korean Market!

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