Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Como les va?
Hola a todos!!!! I am also still super happy from seeing you guys! It made my heart so full and joyful, knowing that you're all well and happy!  :) 
Here we are on Mother's day!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day! We sure did. This week has been good, don't have much time today to write but this week we were able to go on exchanges. Sister Moli came to our area with me and Sister Hibbard went over to Hollywood with Sister Risenmay. It was so good being with her, it was the boost I needed.
Sister Moli came to our area for exchanges!

Sister Moli goes home in a few weeks which makes me sad but if there is anything I have learned from her (and I have learned many things from her) is how to endure to the end and consecrate every ounce of energy to the work even at the very end of the mission, where the temptation is harder to lose energy or fire. I love her for her example and the miracles we were able to see while she was here in our area. With Sister Moli we had an awesome lesson with Graciela, it was so powerful. We have been praying a lot for Graciela, and helping her to recognize the answer to her prayer to know if the Book of Mormon is true and during the lesson she actually told us a dream that she had had just a couple weeks before we had knocked on her door for the first. It was so cool as she told us about the dream she was able to realize that it might be the answer to her prayer. There have been several tender mercies and miracles this week and its always my favorite to notice and see the Lord's hand in the work.

This work is divine!!!! Sister Hibbard and I are looking forward to see what miracles are in store this week. Have a wondrous week! Love you all!!!
-Hermana Abreu 

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