Monday, April 4, 2016

Weeks fly by!

   Weeks really do fly by, this transfer feels like it has flown by as well. We only have 2 more weeks until the end of this transfer and it has been really fun and a growing experience for me. 

      General Conference had to have been the highlight of the whole entire week! The Los Angeles church building that our ward attends is probably one of the most beautiful church buildings I have ever been in. It is also the most historic. It really was such an awesome experience to listen to general conference in that beautiful building, with the chapel echoing the voices of our apostles, our dear prophet and the most beautiful music from the Mormon Tabernacle choir, (with my uncle Charles and my aunt Julee Ann as a part of) :) Being a missionary, watching conference is a very different experience but a life-changing one. I've seen how its changed from just words or phrases coming from apostles mouths, to personal revelation that is conveyed to our hearts and to the hearts of our investigators, through the Holy Ghost. I understand much more deeply the messages they share and the simplicity of the doctrine that they bring. I am so grateful for our living day prophet Thomas S. Monson, and our living day apostles and members of the seventy. I know they are called of God. I think I was touched most powerfully by the last talk that was given by Jeffrey R. Holland. As missionaries I think we all too often wish that tomorrow would never come. Tomorrow brings change, a new companion, a hard day of work, new challenges, etc. We love where we are and we never want to leave. Missionaries who love their missions never want to go home. But it is important that the things we learn today, on our missions or general conference stay with us and carry with us to tomorrow. Let us not forget what we felt this weekend and apply it to our life. I love Jesus Christ, I love the Atonement, because as it was mentioned this weekend, we don't have to be perfect! We just have to be our best, God makes up the rest, we just have to be humble and willing to submit our will to His. I know its all true.

     One of my favorite quotes that was mentioned by Gerrit Gong was that, "Jesus Christ knows everything we don't want others to know about us and he still loves us." 
His love is infinite and we are never too far from saving.

I love you all and that's all I really felt I needed to share this week. I pray for you every single day. Live the gospel and love life!!!
Hermana Abreu

I ate "chapulines" known in english as crickets... :P
My companion Hna. Castillo with the "chapulines"!

They didn't taste good! They also didn't taste horrible, I think it was more of the idea that they are crickets.

If I didn't think about it they weren't horrible! They were flavored with chile and limon so I feel like Papi wouldn't mind them :) :) 

that picture of stacks of papers are teaching records that we have had to manually put into our ipads because everything is now digital...we are finally done but we have been working on this process for about 4 months now!

Sister Castillo and our new investigator, Beralee eating chapulines!

Canoas made from "platanos maduros con queso" yum!

Temple Day
Seeing Jalo and Matthew

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