Monday, April 25, 2016

Training time yet again!!

Seems like there are so many fun things that are happening at home, Happy Be-lated Birthday to Marina!!!! Love you! Derek sent me a few pictures of Marina at the Masters in the Hall concert, it brought back so many great singing memories :)

Things this week have been great! This week has been filled with trainings and new missionary things so nothing too too exciting! But my new companion, fresh from the CCM is named Sister Hibbard! She is from Draper, Utah and was in the Mexico MTC for 6 weeks. :) She is super awesome. Cool thing, she told me that she had actually dreamed about me being her trainer. She dreamed of a latina with curly hair, that was latina but that her first language was English. She said that when she came into the chapel and they were about to announce who would train who and that when she saw me, she knew I was gonna be her trainer :) Spot on! Lol
Me and my companera!!!

 It seems like adjusting to the new missionary lifestyle has been good but like I remember, I know its been hard for her too. I'll admit its been a little overwhelming this first week, but I know I have the Lord's help and Hermana Hibbard will learn Spanish quickly. :) 

We have been teaching Graciela, that I had mentioned a few weeks back, the one who we found at her doorstep and who was so interested in getting baptized! She's progressing really well and we're helping her prepare for baptism for May :) She is the sweetest she always calls us "mi corazon" "mis preciosas" she is the best. Our recent converts are doing well, Emerson is still the crazy 9-year old Emerson and we are trying to continue to help his mother Sintia to accept the gospel but when we talked to her last, she said little by little. Ramon is also doing great, he is going to get confirmed this coming Sunday, because this last Sunday was our LA Stake Conference.

At Stake Conference they mentioned a lot about the importance of Sabbath Day worship and they mentioned a lot about having faith. I have been trying to focus on faith-filled thoughts this week, even when it is really hard because it makes all the difference. I invite you all to have faith filled thoughts, anytime you feel down or negative but to rethink them/rephrase them to be more positive. It really does make all the difference! You will see more your Heavenly Father's hand in your life, rather than the things that don't go quite right. Something that I was reminded by President this week is that we're not perfect, no one is perfect so don't stress just keep trying your best, it'll all work out! 
I am super excited to talk to ya'll on Mothers Day, I can hardly wait!!! Keep on keeping on! The Savior loves you! Never forget it! Love you!!!
Hermana Abreu 

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