Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Spring Break!!!

Happy Spring Break!
Well at least it is spring break for everyone around here this week, which makes proselyting 10x better because families will be home and out walking and enjoying the vacation! Spring is for sure hitting LA because its getting hot again, not too bad but definitely warming up. Happy early Easter to everyone. I love Easter, I feel like I have come to appreciate it so much more as I have been studying the Atonement, Christ's ministry and His Resurrection! I can't get enough of telling people about it! :) 

With our mini missionary we had this weekend, Sister Sofele!
    Well I can't really express into words how strongly I have felt the Lord's awareness and love for me and my comp this week, especially this weekend. I had mentioned that the week before we were a bit bummed out and were feeling abandoned because of all the people that we had to hand back to the Lord and stop teaching them, to the point where we were having no lessons and no one to work with. We actually had Zone Conference this week, on Friday and normally before we start the meeting President and Sister Weidman always have us come up and they greet all the missionaries one by one, President jokes that they want to look into our souls...haha and this time when I shook President's hand he looked at me and told me to "Hang in there. I know your area is going to start looking up!!" It gave me so much comfort! After the uplifting zone conference, filled with trainings about counseling with our comps, burying our missionary "weapons of rebellion" how to more effectively daily and weekly plan, we went to work! Blessings have been poured over our area this week as we have.

We got a mini missionary for the weekend, Hermana Sofele, who didn't know a lick of spanish but we had a great time together. On Friday night we picked her up and ran to our dinner appt. While we were eating, Hermana Franco's son came in while we were about to begin our spiritual thought and brought in a friend of his, a young mother and her son, Anita and Jonny because apparently they needed a place to be for a while. So we shared the video with the both of them. We shared the Easter video and she liked it a lot and so we set an RA and she became a new investigator! The next day, Saturday we called it "Bendiciones Saturday" There were so many miracles!!!! Every time I saw a tender mercy I would start singing "Count Your Blessings" in Spanish and I sang it about 13 or 14 times that day. All that day we received referral after referral from either the other Elders in the ward about people that were in our area, waiting for missionaries to come, a referral from the VC, this really prepared guy that says he wants to be Mormon and we met the cutest family Sandy and her two daughters, Aurora and Melody. We had a lesson with the mom, Sandy and we felt the spirit so strong as we testified about how this gospel would bless her family. The rest of the day we tried people and all the apartment gates were open and everyone was home! We worked so hard, all while laughing along with our mini missionary. At the end of the day I just came home that day with the surest testimony that God loves us. He NEVER leaves his missionaries alone or anyone else. We have to trust Him enough to keep pushing through, being obedient and working hard. I know without a doubt that God has prepared these people that will become new investigators. My heart is so full!!!! I just want to repay Him by taking care of His children and being a worthy vessel to teach them about the gospel. Sister Castillo are really looking forward to this next week as we meet with these people. To anyone who is really suffering for any reason I want you to know that God knows where you're at and what you need and He loves you! Look for the tender mercies and when you can't see em' pray to see them! I love you all and I hope you enjoy your spring break..whether its this week or next week! ;) 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE BIRTHDAY COUSINS I LOVE YOU, AND I WILL BE THINKING OF YOU! Happy Birthday to Cameron, Gitta and Tanner and Happy birthday Mom, I love you. Happy Easter! #Hallelujah
Con amor, 
Hermana Abreu
 Raspados while contacting on the street, Sister Castillo was craving one so bad one day and she was like "I wish more than anything that I could get a raspado, its so hot..."
and then we found a man selling them just around the corner! BENDICIONES 
Preparation day adventures @ Target 
"Mustache you a question.." and "Princess Castillo"


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