Monday, March 14, 2016

"Follow Him"

Hi to all!!! 
It makes me so happy to hear about all the fun that's happening in at home :) 
Marina and the gang really did look beautiful. Her dress was so pretty!!! That is so funny about Genevieve Lee! I "ODIO su cara" Hahahaha I miss that girl! I know it's probably hard, all her seesters leaving her one by one :) please tell her how much I LOVE her! And all those sweet babies, Rio, and Ryker. Whenever we teach families or I see families out in public I just think of you guys! 
It's been a good week with a lot of really cool things happening :) 
On Tuesday we had a really fun lesson with our new investigators Cynthia and Emerson. Cynthia is Emerson's mother and Emerson is about 9 years old! Emerson also has a little brother who's six named Andres who we also have been teaching because he loves learning.
We're teaching a 9 year old named Emerson and this is his little brother Andres. He is 6 years old; he reminds me so much of Ryke T!

For the lesson we taught Emerson and Andres the Ten Commandments and made it fun using our hands. (One of my comps showed me a really fun and easy way to teach them :) ) and they loved it and we're pretty proud of themselves for learning them all! During the lesson Andres mentioned that commandment #11 is "Don't hit your brother!!!" And then throughout the rest of the time he kept thinking of other commandments that were all pretty valid :) they also danced the "watch me whip and watch me nene" don't really know what that is but it was the funniest thing ever, me and my comp were dying! I just love teaching younger people because of all that I learn from them! On Wednesday we do service regularly at SUVA food pantry, in which we package food and hand them out to those who need it, they have a really awesome group of volunteers that have been working there for years and are super fun to work with! One of the workers, Fred, always gives us a warm welcome! "It's the Hermanas!!!!!!!'" Just picture the gringoest accent. That afternoon after service one of our recent converts, Guile took us to eat pupusas and have a lesson!
 Our recent convert, Guile took us to eat pupusas!

He is so hilarious, I was able to hear a little more about how he met the missionaries and his conversion story. Every time I hear someone's conversion story my testimony grows more and more knowing that there are people like him everywhere, waiting for the restored gospel. p.s. I LOVE pupusas! My favorite thing in the world. On Thursday we accidentally locked our keys in the car, that was fun :) had to go up to the mission office get a spare and unlock our car. :) but all was worked out. We have been working hard every day to talk to everyone that is in our path and find new investigators. We meet so many cool people everyday and I have been truly seeking the Lords guidance in how to effectively find new investigators. 
Sunday was good. It was a little hard because although we have some people that we are working with we had to stop teaching a few of them because they haven't been progressing and none of our investigators came to we were a little bummed out. But in gospel principles we talked about the life of Christ and the Hno. Teaching the class asked the missionaries in the class to reflect about how many times we have had a really hard time in the mission from either investigators not progressing or having disappointing moments. He said that having faith in Christ helps us to look at the bigger picture. To trust that not everything may not be dandy and wonderful but that we go through these things so that we can learn from it. Sometimes I don't know why I have had to go through some of the hard things I have had to go through on my mission but I trust that it is for my good and for my benefit.
Later that afternoon the Elders in the ward actually had a baptism that we had invited almost all of our investigators to and all of them canceled last minute!! So then we decided to call one of our investigators Noemi and she miraculously came last minute and she loved it and she said now she really wants to come to church!!! I know that we just have to have faith that we don't know the reasons why all the time but God knows, that is part of faith! I know that Jesus Christ lives, I know that He is there for everyone and I know that as we hold on to the faith and hope that we do have left that Christ will carry us through those hard times. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Check out the new Easter video! 
Con mucho Amor,
Hermana Abreu
Our beautiful church building; only part of it, couldn't get a more beautiful picture at night :(

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