Monday, November 30, 2015

You could say we ate pretty well on Thankgiving!

Happy Happy Monday! It looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) I missed you but I know you were all stuffed from the wonderful food!
This week has been another long one but a great one! Monday we had the chance to go to the Museum of Tolerance in LA, and it was really cool! Its a museum dedicated for remembering all those who were lost in the Holocaust and other genocides all over the world. It was really nice to do something different on preparation day, although it did leave us with no email time and no shopping time because of the traffic so we were a bit stressed but it was a great experience! Tuesday, Elder Kim B. Clark and his wife visited our mission! It was a wonderful and inspiring visit. We were able to ask him questions about our investigators concerns or missionary concerns, it was awesome! Thanksgiving was great! We did our usual thing, as we went out to work everyone kept asking us why we weren't inside eating turkey, haha and so then after all the lessons we had, our investigators would say "stay and eat!" There was even a lady we contacted on the street who gave us a plate of food to go! You could say we ate pretty well on Thankgiving. We ate with the Perez family in the ward, and it was great being with them and also her husband's in laws, it was crazy and fun, reminded me of home!
Me and Hno. Cruz, a recent convert that made a HUGE thing of arroz con leche, he is so awesome!
Estela our investigator, she's so cool!

Me and my companions!

2nd Thanksgiving dinner
 We also ate dinner with our investigator, Norma and her family at like 8pm.... The food never stopped! Haha The rest of the week was good, except for the last few days I have been sick with a really bad cough and cold. We took it kind of easy yesterday in the evening and then I rested right when we got home. Sunday was a spirit filled day! Our investigator Norma came to church for the first time, and LOVED it. She has plans to be baptized on December 13th. She is continuing to read and to pray and she tells us that she just feels the difference. She describes that before she felt an emptiness in her life but its getting filled with the gospel. We're still teaching her daughter, Doreen she just hasn't been able to come to church because she works on Sundays but she said that hopefully it should die down at her work during December so she can go to church! Sacrament meeting at church yesterday was amazing, the topic for the meeting was missionary work and Sister Franks, who's leaving in a couple weeks gave an amazing talk and we did a special musical number "Venid a Cristo" Then ourold ward mission leader, Hugo, gave a powerful talk on how we as members of the church can and should do our part in missionary work. Its so true! This work would be nothing without the members!  Our investigators needs fellowshipping and love as they get accustomed to a new environment.
Miracle moment of the week: We contacted a man during the week who told us that he had actually read the Book of Mormon when he was a lot younger. When he was at school one day, he was running on the track and literally tripped over a book of mormon that was on the ground. He said he had read the first part ( 1 Nephi) and liked it but he had never really thought much of it. He told us that just right before he ran into us he was just thinking about joining a church. He told us that he's been going through a really rough time and how grateful he was to have ran into us. God really does work miracles!
Elder Clark shared a thought that I have been pondering about throughout the week in Doctrine and Covenants 84:119 "For I, the Lord, have put forth my hand to exert the powers of heaven; ye cannot see it now, yet a little while and ye shall see it, and know that I am, and that I will come and reign with my people." When Joseph Smith restored the Church of Jesus Christ, the congregations of 20 or 30 people could not see the fruits at that time but now, today this gospel is being spread to all nations and more and more people every day are learning about this wonderful news! We are living in the day that has been prophesied by prophets for centuries. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of God's work now. Elder Clark said: "There is no other thing that you should be doing right now, than being the Lord's trusted servant." The Lord has put forth His hand to exert the powers of heaven in Los Angeles and I feel so grateful to see people's lives changing as they accept this gospel in their lives. 
I love you family and am grateful everyday for my eternal family. I hope you have a great week with Genevieve's birthday and all! Happy BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sister, Genevieve! Send her my love on her special day!!! I love you!!! Have a wonderful week, talk to you next week!
Hermana Abreu


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