Monday, November 9, 2015

The Tender Mercies of the Lord!

Hello mommy!
I am sorry that Giselle is sick! Strep throat is so icky and never fun! I was actually thinking the other day about how happy I have been so healthy so far on my mission, no sickness has hit me yet! *knocks on wood* I can just picture the icky rain, haven't seen rain in a good long while, haha!
This week I am so grateful for cooler weather, I have even pulled out a few scarves to wear, I never thought that would happen! We're grateful we're in a car right now because of the fact that it is getting a lot cooler in the evening and its getting a lot darker a lot earlier, which really is not my favorite. We will be showing up for lessons at like 7 or 7:30pm and people wonder what we are doing out so late when its just after dinner time. This last Tuesday night the ward had a family home evening, we had invited our investigator Doreen and so before the activity, we stopped by to see if she was still planning on coming. When we came by we actually ran into her boyfriend who we hadn't met yet and he is almost never home when we come by, we reminded them about the activity and they both ended up coming with their cute little boy, Xavier! We gave her a church tour and the FHE was really fun, the youth had a great spiritual thought on the plan of salvation, they then played musical chairs and had churros! (My new favorite sweet :) ) They loved it and it was so amazing that they both were there! 
A couple weeks ago I was with a member named Ana and as we were going to an appointment we met someone named Sandy, she seemed interested and so we got her info and set up another time to see her. This past week we finally got to have a lesson with her and the spirit was so strong! She has been through a lot of hard things this past month and we ended up showing a video about Hope. After we watched it she started crying and telling us that she felt something that she couldn't describe and that she thought the video was so beautiful and it was as if it were talking to directly to her, pricked her in the heart.We bore testimony about the gospel and testified that this is what her family needs. It is just so incredible to me that there are so many people who don't know about this wonderful spirit that they can feel and have in their lives, they can have that companionship everyday! I have faith that Sandy will be baptized! Something that was shared at our zone training meeting this week and that we have been trying to teach our investigators and members is recognizing the tender mercies in our day. In 1 Nephi 1: 20, Nephi is talking about Lehi and all that he suffered while trying to obey the Lord and declare repentance to the people in Jerusalem, but at the very end he mentions, "But behold, I Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." Nephi is testifying of the Lord's hand in our lives. I have seen how much of a difference it has made in our work as we stop and recognize how merciful the Lord has been over our little area in Bell Gardens. I love writing it down and being able to see a weeks worth of small, personalized blessings! We are blessed when we noticed how He blesses us! And my faith in missionary work is strengthened ten fold!
We have plans this week to take our investigator, Adriana to the Visitors Center, it is going to be great! I just love seeing peoples faith grow line upon line and precept upon precept, and seeing their hearts change. I love this area and am grateful that Heavenly Father has entrusted in me a small part of his vineyard to work in. I miss you all so much!But I am looking forward to talking to you on Christmas <3 LOVE YOU! Have a great week!
Love you!!!!
-Hermana Abreu 
My comps and I eating in the back of a food truck, one of the food truck guys really likes missionaries and the spirit we bring so he makes us free food! Hehe

Me and a member named Isa ;) 

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