Tuesday, November 29, 2016

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM lil' ol' Bell California!!!

Hi everyone!!!

I hope everyone spent their Thanksgiving fat and happy :) Hehehe we definitely did!!!
The whole day was spent eating, every house we'd visit would give us food so we got our share of turkey, tamales and champurrado and MORE!!!!

This week has been good!!! My comps Sister Cox and Sister Hegerhorst are doing well!! Things have been kind of fast-paced since the beginning of this transfer so we've been running around everywhere! I know they've felt a little tired out but they both are such troopers!! They both are continuing to learn Spanish, LOL the ward members are really loving and patient with them and they both are doing so well with it. Sister Cox told someone the other day, instead of "we love you!" she said "nos encanta!!!" as we were leaving an appointment hahaha she had a good laugh after realizing how to say it. I've been trying to help them lead in some situations like planning, contacting, teaching etc. During nightly planning the other day, I decided to let them plan an hour and a half that we had empty and they decided to go to a street that I had never been to (which is difficult seeing as I have been in the area for 6 months) they decided we would knock a few doors on a street named Patata Street and I thought it was a great idea! They were so excited to go contact this street and meet that golden, prepared person. It was difficult for them to find it (I let them direct me using the map ;) and when we got there Patata street was stranded, all there were were abandoned office buildings and train tracks that went on for a few miles. It was sad seeing how disappointed they were but we also laughed really hard about it!!! The night turned out really good and we ended up contacting on another street and met some cool potentials! :) Training is so much fun, difficult at times but I am grateful that the Lord blessed me with my new companions that help me feel that continued energy I first had when I entered the field. I feel really blessed!
It was pouring down rain the other day and we got soakin' WET!

Besides that, everyone was out of town or either Black Friday shopping this past week so it was a bit difficult to meet with a lot of our investigators but we were able to take our investigator Daisy to the Visitors Center on Saturday! Saturday was the first day they had all of the Christmas lights and decorations at the temple! We went up for a short tour and for the first musical performance they had for the season! It was a Mormon SoCal choir performing and I really enjoyed it, it made me think about when I was in the Madrigals and how much I love caroling around the holiday season! :) :)  It was really beautiful and our investigator Daisy enjoyed it as well. Her two boys, Joshua and Aidan (ages 7 and 5) were a little crazy but we tried to help them sit still by reminding them that there would be hot chocolate and pan dulce at the end :) 
LA temple Christmas lights

Joshua and Aidan @ the temple

More temple lights

Daisy, Joshua and Aidan by the Christus

This week our zone is doing another initiative for the holiday season!! We have a goal of taking as many of our investigators, recent converts/less actives to the visitors center to be able to feel the Spirit of Christ that is felt so strongly on those dedicated grounds. We have planned almost everyday to take someone for a tour or a musical performance this week, with the help of the members and we're excited to continue to feel that special spirit and for our investigators to as well. 

I have just felt so especially grateful this Christmas season for the opportunity the Lord has blessed me with to be on my mission and to represent Christ. Last year, President Weidman shared something with us that has since stuck with me, he said "As members of the church during the Christmas season we remember Jesus Christ but as missionaries we get to represent him."

Its a privilege these last couple of weeks to be able to share the new Christmas initiative that we have called #lighthteworld! The invitation is to celebrate Christ' birth by serving our fellow man! The 2 minute video is so beautiful and I believe its the perfect way to help other people to feel Jesus Christ's spirit more in their life this year. There is nothing better than serving out of the sincere love we have for others. I invite you all to look it up if you haven't seen in yet and to prepare for Christmas by doing those 25 acts of service in December! Happy Holidays!
I hope you have another great week, I love you ALL! 
-Hermana Abreu 
(Click below to see the video)

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