Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hi, Hi, Hi!!!

Hi Hi Hi!

Thanks for all the pirate day pictures!!! I loved them :) :) :) Nothing is better than free doughnuts! Wow I can't believe that Giselle is leaving for the MTC next week! Wow!!!!!! I am so excited for her. The fact that we'll both be on the mission together makes me uber happy :D It reminds me of the good ol' MTC days! I miss those! :'( Happy late birthday to Papi dearest! And Happy early birthday to Ryker T! I love the September birthdays!!

This week was awesome!!! I had the opportunity to go visit the good ol' Los Angeles 4th ward, because we had exchanges with Sister Hibbard and Sister Wadsworth. I got to be with my sweet trainee again, who is growing up so fast! She is already at 6 months! It was a sweet tender mercy being able to be with her again for the day and seeing some of the members in LA 4th again! Those sisters were able to have a baptism on Sunday that we were able to go to, of these really cute little girls. Jazmin and Emer! They are incredible and are super converted. 

As for our area, Sister Smith and I are just loving teaching Norma and Francisco and the rest of their family. On Saturday we went by to teach them and we helped Norma clean a little bit and then she said she was craving some homemade tortillas so she sent her husband to the store to get the ingredients and she taught us how to "tortillar" and the whole time they were making fun of me because Sister Smith was making better tortillas than me and they said that I was the latina one ;) Looks like I've gotta keep practicing. Their family is continuing to progress and we were planning on their baptism for this Saturday but they want a few of their family members to be there so we are postponing it for October 1st!!!! Everytime we teach them my heart is so full!!! They love to read in the Book of Mormon and they have been to church every Sunday ever since we invited them a month ago! We also are starting to teach a 9 year old girl, named Iliana which is the daughter of a less active member and she has plans to be baptized this coming Sunday! I love teaching children because they just understand everything. We asked Iliana to explain to her mom what we had taught her about the restoration and she explained it so beautifully simple I was in awe. Man I truly understand why Jesus taught us be as little children because they really are so sensitive to the spirit, are sweet and humble and they love to learn! She reminds me a lot of Genevieve :) Besides all that our whole zone has really seen so many miracles and I think of the coolest things I've realized about being a STL, is not only seeing miracles with your own investigators but also being able to witness them with the other sisters :) Sister Castillo and Fehrenbach are teaching an investigator named Francisco, who they had to hand back because of some things he couldn't give up, but the other day they felt prompted to go by and see him and it turns out that his whole family had been praying for the sisters to come back. Francisco had been reading the BOM, since the Sisters had left last and had been sober for a whole month. It was a testimony for those sisters that when we have the faith to let God prepare the hearts of the people after we drop them then, we can focus on the elect and people who are baptized into the church will be more converted. Sister Vincent and Davies are also blowing up their area!!! They are having a ton of success and right now have 9 baptismal dates. No one but Sister Vincent to kill it the last week of her mission ;) 

I am so grateful to serve with these sisters and to be able to see the Lord's hand with these people. I LOVE YA'LL! And I hope you all enjoy another week :) I pray for ya all the time!!! May the Lord be with you and bless ya!

Hermana Abreu
Sister Smith and I at in-n-out <3

Me and Jessyka Lindo, the most amazing RM

Pictures with members from LA 4th
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