Friday, June 19, 2015

First week at the MTC!

AHHH! There is so much I want to tell you but so little time, first things first I fly out June 22nd, which is a week from today which is Monday, P-day. We fly out at like 8:30 am and get to LAX like an hour after that so its quick haha. BUT we have to get up at like 3:30 am to drive there and to be at the SLC airport on time!!! I absolutely LOVE my district and all the elders in my district are going the Los Angeles mission, its awesome because I get to stick with them flying there and we've for sure bonded since being here, we call each-other the "CLAM" squad, (California Los Angeles Misison) Haha I also love the sisters in my district we get along so well which is great because we all room together, all 6 of us!!! The food is great! Haha its good because they always have a variety :) It is honestly amazing how much my testimony has grown by being here for only 5 days, going into the MTC I thought that the mission really starts in the field but BOY was I wrong, we teach ALL the time have investigators and it is hard a lot of the times but at the same time if me and my companion go in with the Spirit and teach with the Spirit there is no fear! I love you guys so much and was for sure thinking of the celebrations you were having for Giselle, tell her how much I love her and how proud I am of her. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! My companion is la Hermana Balkins and she is honestly the best hermana in the world! We work so well together and basically when I don't have the words to say what I want to say she gets me. I want to tell you more about her but I will in the next e-mail! It is also the best having Elder Umpierrez "Daniel" here as well we see each other all the time, we have class in the same building and we are in the same zone, I feel closer to home whenever I see him BUTTT it has been an adjustment for both of us to call each other by our last name and not our first ahaha. ALSO Hermana Balkins is going to the Raleigh NC MISSION! I'm not sure she will serve in Greensboro but its the coolest that we're companions and also Daniels companion, Elder Nelson is serving in Raleigh NC too so we've all bonded over that. There are times where I think about you guys and get really sad but then I get distracted in learning and the work (the schedule is constant) and know that this is exactly where the Lord needs me to be. I know it. Whoo! We also went to the Provo Temple today and that was awesome to go for the second time after getting my own endowments. Elder Umpierrez was right here when I read about my favorite song "HEY WASSUP HELLO" and we both laughed because we loveee that song. I love you so much mom, I really do. Woo it gets overwhelming sometimes because I think like, "Oh I am at the MTC like some mission camp for 2 weeks or something" It doesn't seem real that I am going to LA and am actually a missionary. Well I don't have too much more time and I want to try to figure out how to get some pictures attached (this computer is stupid and won't attach them) sooo I will talk to you soon! Know that I love the MTC, the mission, the church, the people the EVERYTHING and I am so happy. I am mainly happy that because I know that I am doing the Lord's work and there is no better feeling. AH he loves us sooo much and he really wants us to share this good message to people who need it. You guys should read D&C 31... it talks about blessings to missionary families. Tell the babies I love them and miss them so much and that Isa wants them to finish strong in school. hehe :)  Love you I really do. Hasta Luego!!!!
Con amor, 

-Hermana Abreu

(Because the computer is being stupid, I am going to send pictures in another e-mail)

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